My testimony begins from the moment my mother found out she was pregnant.

She  was already a  single mother of two young boys when she met my father and became pregnant with me. She loved me from the very  moment she found out she was pregnant but my dad revealed he already had a wife who was also pregnant, so he left my mom. Since this would leave her providing for three children alone, some people told her that she should have an abortion but she decided to bring me into the world anyway.

When I was three years old, my mother decided to attend a church nearby which started to bring  a change to our lives. I was getting to know the Lord and learn His word. I loved music; in time I learned to play many instruments and above all I enjoyed singing for God. Despite this change, a little over a year later, one of my older brothers began to sexually abuse me but that turned to severe beatings when I was older. As more time went by,  my mother began to feel the need for a partner, which triggered the discontent of my older brothers. We watched as every man who was involved in a relationship with my mother would be unfaithful to her and even abuse her verbally and physically, which led to her having two miscarriages. I always tried to get close to them as I desired to have a father but I received mistreatment and rejection from every man who got close to my mother.  A feeling of resentment and rebellion grew in my heart. I hated my father for not having his affection and help but I took it out on my mother by being rebellious towards her. 

When I was seven years old, I had a dream in which I was inside a dark prison and there were many undead or zombies in that place. They began to chase me until I reached a dungeon where I ended up with all of them but I managed to sneak away and lock them all up. When I woke up from that terrible dream I started screaming. My mom was already awake because the Holy Spirit had woken her to pray but she didn’t understand why.  When she came to me, she hugged me and I calmed down and told her about the dream. At 9:00 am that same morning,  when the garbage truck arrived, I was excited because I threw a bag of trash into the truck by myself and to do that I had to cross the avenue, drop the bag and cross the street again. I crossed the street but when I was going back across the avenue a truck from the domestic gas company hit me and I was pushed a few meters down the road still on the front grill of the truck. When I woke up there were a lot of people around me and I didn’t understand what had happened but I had lost consciousness for a few minutes. When they went to tell my mom, they told her that I was dead. My mom left the house to look for me and she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit tell her, ‘Your son is fine, he has nothing wrong!’ People kept repeating to my mother, your son was hit by a truck and is dead, but when my mother took me in her arms I woke up and the same voice of the Holy Spirit said again, ‘Your son is fine.’ We went to the hospital for an assessment  and the doctor was amazed and exclaimed, ‘What is happening to this child? He does not even have any scratches or fractures!” It was the power of a mother’s prayer. God saved me from the clutches of death.

I worked in many places and sometimes I slept on the street to keep from going home. I didn’t want to be home. The resentment towards my family grew and I dropped out of school.

When I was 13 years old I was forced by my mother to attend a church close to home. I only went because every time I passed by I heard the music and that caught my attention. My pride and arrogance did not allow me to enter a church for a long time because I did not understand how God allowed everything that had happened to me. Nevertheless, God drew me with bonds of love one night to a  service that had already started and I sat in the last pew. Suddenly, I started to hear a beautiful song that I used to listen to when I was little. The song  was based on Psalms 86:11 and it made me cry as I remembered the abuse and pain of my childhood. When the pastor made the altar call  I accepted Christ as my only and sufficient savior.However, due to my rebellion and stubbornness,  I was rejected 4 times for baptism. I was faced with very rigid doctrine within the church and did not understand the reasons I received corrections and scoldings. They only made me more rebellious.

God began to deal with my life in a personal way, and I began to sing in the church and play some musical instruments. I felt that music connected me with God. At the age of 18 I started working in a musical instrument store and fell in love with my boss’s daughter which brought many problems for us. We also went to the same church which caused us problems. The father of this girl did not accept that I was his daughter’s boyfriend because she was a lawyer and I did not have any profession. We decided to end the relationship at the suggestion of the pastor. This created the feeling of rebellion that I felt when I was  an adolescent because I did not understand why I could not be happy (without understanding that my happiness was found in God).

I began to make many mistakes, I left the church, I began to drink alcohol, I met a girl who was not in church. We went to live with her mother. She had also been abandoned by her father, which made me identify with her but problems and frustrations began. I started having problems at her mother’s house and it caused my partner to suffer at the time. On one occasion she found out she was pregnant but she did not want to bring that little life into this world so she had an abortion. This created more resentment and rancor in my heart.

One Saturday I met a person who went to the same church as me and she told me, Return to the feet of Christ and He will give you back everything that the enemy stole from you.” I started making fun of that woman and I left that place. That same day I was driving at 100 kmph on a motorcycle on the way back from work and when I was on the highway, the car in front of me lost control and I braked the motorcycle and began to lose control.The only thing I could say was, “Lord help me!” Immediately I heard a voice that told me, ‘Release the brakes!” I understood that it was God speaking to me and I quickly regained control of the bike and then took the slow lane of the highway.  I understood that satan wanted to take my life and at that moment I began to cry and tell God, “If you want me to return to your ways, just get me out of here!” I understood that day that God had saved me from death. The next day I decided to go to Sunday service and reconcile with God. I felt a great weight had been lifted from me. I ended the relationship with the woman I was with and at that moment I got a message from a friend who lived in Colombia. It was an invitation  to travel to Colombia to teach music in a church. I saw this as an opportunity for God to begin to work in my life. Venezuela was going through a crisis and leaving the country seemed to be a good way to earn a living for my family.

When I arrived in Colombia, the whole scenario was very different from what they had shown me. They revoked the deal we had made and began to pay much less than the agreed amount, and then took advantage of me. Now, I was giving music lessons and I was the caretaker of the church in exchange for a room and some food. I had a very small rat infested room with an inflatable mattress to sleep on. While there,  I would take small jobs when I could find time to make a little more money. I couldn’t take a full time job because I was undocumented and the pastor told me if I missed any service because of a job that I would have to pack up and leave. I began to feel the pain I suffered when I was a teenager. Many people took advantage of my situation and just paid me what they wanted, which wasn’t much. My family continued to suffer many needs and hardships in Venezuela.

God was still working on me, He was molding my heart and taking the resentment and hatred from my heart. Before I left Venezuela I did not speak to my mother and although she tried to communicate with me, I avoided her calls. My mother was looking for borrowed phones to call me but when I found out it was her, I hung up until eventually The Lord began to deal with me one day, giving me a  great desire to return home. I began to realize that I was just wasting my time in Riohacha, Colombia and I felt alone. One day before an activity at the church where pastors and missionaries would come from other places to preach the word, I said to God while crying, “I am tired of being here and I want to see my mother. God you know the needs that they have in Venezuela! I need to communicate with my mother and bring them food. God, you are the Most High, so I will serve you!  That day I went to bed at 3 am.

The next day I got up very early to open the church and turn on the air conditioners, sound equipment, etc. for the services that day. In praise and worship we learned a song in English (No Longer Slaves) because we wanted to welcome the pastors and ministers who visited us from Louisiana, but none of those who sang could remember the song. I learned it because I was very excited to meet these shepherds.

I remember that the ministerial team arrived at the church in the afternoon and while I was singing they entered the church. I was nervous because I had never sung a song in a language other than Spanish but in my heart I felt that these people had brought a word for me.

I saw a woman enter with the appearance of an angel. I had never seen someone like that, her hair was golden, her skin white as snow, tall and light blue eyes that caught my attention. At that moment I felt the glory of God descend on that place and many people were touched by the Holy Spirit. God put me on the heart of that woman so that she knew the purpose of her trip to Colombia! 

After the service that angel-like woman named Karen approached me to give me a word but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. The person who was translating didn’t have much experience and was just someone from the church who had some notions of English. The only thing I understood at that moment was: when you were singing I saw how your face lit up and highlighted the with glory of God, your face was like that of an angel, Karen also said: JESUS ​​​​LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU IMAGINE!

The next day at church Karen approached me with another, more experienced translator and began to talk to me about what God had shown her and how she was sent to help me. Karen repeated again, “God loves you more than you can imagine and He has sent me from far away to tell you that He gave his life for you and many more things that touched my heart because I knew that God was speaking to me through this woman! I started to cry because I understood that it was God who was answering the prayers I made at 3 in the morning when I was alone in my room. When she finished praying for me, she asked me, “What do you need? You can ask for what you need because God has sent me to help you.” I told Karen that I needed her to pray for my mother, my brothers and me but she kept insisting that I tell her my needs. She kept insisting until I understood that her help came from God and I told her that my mother needed a telephone to be able to communicate and that I wanted to travel to see my mother again and I needed to bring food to my family. Karen told me, “On behalf of my husband Justin and my daughters, we welcome you to our family! As a part of our family, we will help you and take care of you and your mother.”

Although I lived in a church, I was still immersed in the sin of fornication but  Karen told me “that is not who you are! It is no problem for the Lord to set you completely free!” She prayed for me and did a 7 day Daniel fast with me. Each day, I saw how God cleansed me more and more. On the seventh day I received total liberation. I forgave myself for all the mistakes I had made in the past and God set me completely free!

My time in Riohacha was over and I returned to Venezuela, home with my mother and our relationship was restored. There I was convinced that God planned ALL FOR LOVE!!!

I currently live with my mother in Venezuela and I serve in our ministry, ALL FOR LOVE, together with Karen and Justin.

I was chosen by God from my mother’s womb and now I am doing the will of God as I go where God sends me. I am carrying a message of love and hope to those who need it most!

I’m sure that God will not leave you abandoned, He is waiting for you to surrender at His feet and He will surely transform your life!

Isaiah 53:3-6
[3] He was despised and rejected:
man of sorrows, knowing the deepest pain.
We turned our backs on him and looked away;
he was despised, and we didn’t care.
[4] However, it was our weaknesses that he carried;
It was our pains that overwhelmed him.
And we thought that his difficulties were a punishment from God;
A punishment for his own sins!
[5] But he was pierced for our transgressions
and crushed for our sins.
He was beaten for us to be in peace,
he was flogged so we could be healed.
[6] We have all gone astray like sheep;
we have left God’s ways to follow our own.
However, the Lord put upon him
the sins of all of us.